17 Maggio corso di crudismo a Milano

14-05-2013 19:47

Io giusto per curiosità ci andrei! smiley


01-12-2015 19:44
, I think I had what so far as been the *best* pizza from there yet.It was the Daiya Vegan mozzarella, "Pepperoni", Tofurky Italian sasauge, black olives, and mushrooms. It was fabulous. I would ask for light cheese, because in my opinion they put way too much on there.Let me know how you like it! [url=]yiprdtchr[/url] [link=]ahsfxtqmmhs[/link]
03-12-2015 07:35
I love this!! I was thinking eaeirlr about how the problems I had staying committed to TWLC and TWLC2 were in part because it's such a long time. Maybe if I think about it in terms of shorter 30 day periods it will help! Even if I just did a few 30 day challenges it might keep me focused.And a note about the Novel in 30 days thing I did it once but didn't manage to do it the second time I tried. I already knew I could do it, but I still didn't accomplish it. Funny how things like that happen!
04-12-2015 20:29
Wow, belated happy bhtriday to you Jennifer!I'm so annoyed with myself - I was going to enter the competition just for fun but I forgot to send in photos! :/Bought & received your book a couple of weeks ago and am MEGA IMPRESSED!!! I already have about 20 sticky flags hanging out of the book re: recipes I want to try!P.s. I think I cut my tofu fish sticks too thin because they went kinda hard and chewy in the oven... :( oh well, better luck next time, huh? The coating stuff was delicious anyway though!!!Keep up the good work :DNat x [url=]jkismwuz[/url] [link=]pzycfmk[/link]
21-05-2016 06:45
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21-05-2016 13:15
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21-05-2016 19:52
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24-05-2016 00:09
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